A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Our submission to the Metroidvania Month 3 Game Jam. VaegrBlade is a puzzle platformer with metroidvania elements where you must plant swords into the ground in order to gain abilities that will allow you to overcome obstacles and avoid hazards, and further progress through the game.

Each sword in VaegrBlade gives the player a special ability. You will need to master them all to be worthy of the Vagrant Blade, the only sword that can release you from the adventure.




MoveW, A, S, D
Pick up/pull sword
Drop sword
Plant Sword
Phase dash


Programming Art Audio Design
pozzen bluzi Ploupi bluzi, Ploupi, pozzen


VaegrBlade-linux.zip 15 MB
VaegrBlade-osx.zip 16 MB
VaegrBlade-windows.zip 14 MB


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Really enjoyed this puzzle! Especially the gravity reversal makes for a great challenge!

Sweet concept and challenging quite often. :)

This is a damn fine puzzle game! There were a few moments that reallt stumped me, but I was able to work through everything I came across. The power swords are a great idea and really well implemented, great work!

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Thank you so much for the feedback! I'm glad that you enjoyed the game.

As for your comments about it not being exactly a metroidvania, we do realize that. When coming up with the premise of the game, we wanted something that is original and fun, and so we came up with the swords idea. The metroidvania element was supposed to be conveyed by having to bring swords with you from one room to another in order to access new areas, but I guess this wasn't emphasized enough through the map design.

I hope people would still enjoy this as a puzzle platformer nonetheless!

Can you make a restart button like which make you go back to the sword? R dosent seem to do anything.

R will teleport you to the last teleport sword you placed that is in range. The only way to return to respawn right now is to die, but once the voting period is over, I will be sure to add a respawn key!

you wouldn't ever need it. also it would break the game

not need it? just got my self in a cul-de-sac. (need to get double jump sword to continue, backtracking blocked by active gravity sword, gravity sword itself unreachable as well.)

where did this happen? i'm the artist for the game and we don't want any soft-lock possibilities. if you were actually stuck then we can update the game to remove the possibility of a soft-lock in that area. this will be easier for us rather than updating all the puzzles to not be broken by a respawn key

in the tunnel with the third gravity sword, just after the pit with the spiked walls.

also found another soft-lock: if you fall down to the right from the ledge where the first dash sword is found, then you won't be able to take it to the first barrier. (possible solution: place right-side floor higher so that a loaded down double-jump can clear it)